Bringing Slow Money Principles to a Fast Life: Good Food Delivery in LA

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Bringing Slow Money Principles to a Fast Life: Good Food Delivery in LA

By Jessica Beth Levine

I love the idea of spending my weekends browsing farmers’ markets for the best produce. In my mind, I chat with local farmers, I sample seasonal produce, and I financially support the type of food system I want.

Yet it’s a rare weekend that I actually make it to the market. I’ve got plans, I’ve got a project, I’m traveling, etc. What to do? How can I combine my desire to support local and sustainable food with my hectic schedule?

As a solution, I looked into some of the options here in Los Angeles to investigate their convenience and commitment to sustainability:

Fresh Nation allows you to view what’s available on any given day at your local farmers’ market and purchase it without going to the market. Instead, the company arranges for personal shoppers to go to the farmers’ market, hand-select the produce you order, and drive it to your home.

Farm Box is basically what it says in the name: you pick your size box and they will deliver fresh food from their partner farms in California to you regularly. This is similar to a CSA, but Farm Box doesn’t grow any produce on their own, so you’re not buying a share in a farm. Options are available for box size, food selection, and vacation holds.

  • KaleCart – a delivery service, by bicycle

True to the name, when you sign up for a weekly delivery subscription from KaleCart (operating in Downtown LA), you get complimentary kale every week. Kale Cart orders from farmers in the area or from wholesale produce distributors and bikes your order to you. They also accept one-time orders.

A cross between a CSA and a meal-delivery company, Out of the Box Collective specializes in bringing you “Real Food Boxes.” These boxes come with the ingredients you need to make seasonal meals along with recipes for those meals. Everything in your box is local and organic and is sourced from partner farmers and artisans. Produce-only boxes are also available.

Farm Fresh to You is a more traditional CSA model. You select your box size, your delivery frequency, and customize your food selections, and they deliver it from their organic farms in California to your home. They have a robust online system for removing certain foods, adding others, or altering your delivery schedule.

Earlier this year, a great option for purchasing sustainable food online left Los Angeles. Read about why Good Eggs couldn’t cut it in LA here.

Have you tried any of these? Which do you like best for bringing sustainable and local food to your busy life?

Jessica Beth Levine blogs at about navigating food choices in Southern California with a focus on environmentally friendly, just, and sustainable food.

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