Thank you for helping Slow Money SoCal  support the transition to an economy based on preservation and restoration.

HeartBeet by Alison Caldwell, ©AlisonCaldwellPhotography

At the heart of the Slow Money Principles is the vision of a new kind of investing for the 21st century: A kind of investing that integrates principles of fiduciary responsibility with principles that consider sense of place, care of the commons, nonviolence, and economic, biological and cultural diversity.

Our ability to build an organization that can effectively support our local efforts in connecting farmers, investors, entrepreneurs, and eaters around Southern California,  share information and ideals, incubate new intermediary vehicles, build grassroots membership in the Slow Money SoCal community, and create a catalytic  voice depends upon the continuing and expanding philanthropic support of individuals and foundations.

With your help, we can directly engage tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Americans towards our larger goal: 1 million people investing 1% of their money in local food systems, within a decade.

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