Slow Money SoCal

Slow Money SoCal is a local link within the Slow Money Alliance that sits at the intersection of local food and local finance. Slow Money SoCal attracts thousands of sustainably-minded food entrepreneurs, agri-preneurs, farmers, investors, thought-leaders, and everyday food folk throughout Southern California. Throughout our four metro regions, Slow Money SoCal hosts community gatherings, a food forward evening of networking and connecting on behalf of our local food system.

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Slow Money SoCal Regional Network

Slow Money SoCal, Los Angeles

Los Angeles has raised the ideas of urban agriculture and the local food movement to a level worth celebrating. Our Slow Money SoCal Gatherings have found themselves in locations as diverse as commercial kitchens, artist lofts, food manufacturing facilities, an organic distillery, and coffee roasters. Los Angeles county is deeply committed to the ideas of food access via sustainable urban farming, hydroponics, and economic development. Slow Money SoCal LA is part of a larger movement celebrating sustainability, social enterprise and doing well while doing good

Slow Money SoCal, Orange County

Restaurants reveling in a hyper local approach to food and an aquaponic farm are a couple of the sustainable food gems the county finds in the middle of suburban, residential landscapes. While working with the Slow Money mission, we discovered community members thrilled to connect over the shared values of sustainable food, healthy access and local economy. Our Orange County Slow Money SoCal community members have embraced the Slow Money principles, creating fund local opportunities that center on real food, real people and the real friendships we’ve discovered through Slow Money SoCal.

Slow Money SoCal, San Diego

San Diego’s climate is ideal for raising a variety of crops and livestock year-round and is home to the most small farms per capita in the country. Still farmers face challenges with high water prices and a poor distribution framework. Slow Money San Diego has been actively engaging the local community by hosting gatherings and cultivating relationships among investors and entrepreneurs. With so much potential at hand, San Diego farmers and artisan entrepreneurs have much to gain from Slow Money’s support in getting consumers and investors involved in building a more robust supply chain and market for local products

Slow Money SoCal, Inland Empire

The Inland Empire is one of the largest and fastest growing regions in the United States. Comprised of both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, the agricultural landscape is both plentiful and diverse. With agricultural centers in Riverside, the Coachella Valley and the Temecula region, the Inland Empire produces more than 50% of the fruits and vegetables for the United States. Support for the local food economy is strong and new programs and partnerships provide opportunities to grow the region’s sustainable supply chain. The Inland Empire is proud to be a part of Slow Money SoCal.

About Slow Money.

Thousands of Americans have begun affirming a new direction for small business funding in a new economy. It’s called Slow Money. Inspired by the book and vision, Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money, by Woody Tasch, and published in 2009; the Slow Money Alliance is bringing people together around a new conversation about money that is too fast, about finance that is disconnected from people and place, about how we can begin fixing our economy from the ground up... starting with food. Since 2010, through Slow Money national and regional events and gatherings, more than $30 million has been invested in 221 small food enterprises around the United States.