Slow Money SoCal


Slow Money SoCal is a non-profit network that connects farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, thought-leaders and everyday folks interested in developing alternative resources that help strengthen and diversify our local food system.

LEARN about keeping money local by investing in real food, places, and people close to home to build healthy enterprises, communities, and ecosystems. NETWORK with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community organizations at the center of the local food and finance movement. CONNECT with resources to help build your local food network and support sustainable food and farming businesses.

SMSC SD 8-16-14 V3

The L.A. craft coffee movement has really picked up steam amongst artisanal roasters, cafes and coffee bars.Come join the coffee buzz with SlowMoney SoCal  and come hear speakers, entrepreneurs and investors talk about this local trend from sustainable, healthy and SlowMoney perspectives.

Featured Panelists: Outpost Cold Brew, Coffee Antigua Coffee House,  Bar Nine Collective, Good Land Organics. Vendors: Amella Caramels, Z Confections, Lori’s Lemonade, and more!


7 paths to invest in a food business


Invest in building an economy based on principles of soil fertility, sense of place, care of the commons, and economic, cultural and biological diversity.

Measure Return On Investment by the tangible world we create around us and the health of our soil, not just the profit we make.

Provide balance to the Fast Money we’ve been investing to maximize profit at all costs.